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Tax Rates

Download Auglaize County Tax Rates for Tax Year 2015 Payable 2016 (PDF)

Tax Calculation

The steps outlined below show how a real estate tax bill is calculated. The calculations used in the example are for a $100,000 home in Allen Township for tax year 2005; Full tax rates and reduction factors can be found on the tax rate sheet above.

Note: 10% rollback does not apply to commercial property.

Determine the assessed value
Formula: (Appraised Value) x 35% = Assessed Value
Example: $100,000 x .35 = $35,000

Divide (Assessed Value) in half to Calculate Half-Year Tax Bill Amount.
Formula: (Appraised Value) / 2 = Assessed Value (For Half-Year Tax Bill Calculation)
Example: $35,000 / 2 = $17,500

Calculate the gross tax [See the tax rates page for full rates.]
Formula: (Assessed Value) x (Full Rate) = Gross Tax (for Half-Year) / 1,000
Example: $17,500 x 83.60 / 1,000 = $1,463.00

Calculate the reduction factor credit amount [See the tax rates page for reduction factors.]
Formula: (Gross Tax) x (Reduction Factor) = Reduction Factor Credit
Example: $1,463.00 x .452516 = $662.03

Reduce the gross tax by the reduction factor credit amount
Formula: (Gross Tax) - (Reduction Factor Credit) = Adjusted Tax
Example: $1,463.00 - $662.03 = $800.97

Calculate the rollback credit amount
Formula: (Adjusted Tax) x (Rollback) = 10% Rollback Reduction
Example: $800.97 x .10 = $80.10

For "Owner-Occupied" Residential Properties, there is an additional 2.5% Rollback.
Formula: (Adjusted Tax) x (Rollback) = 2.5% Rollback Reduction
Example: $800.97 x .025 = $20.02

Reduce Adjusted Tax by Total Rollback for Half-Year Tax Amount.
Formula: (10% Rollback) + (2.5% Rollback) = Total Rollback Reduction (Adjusted Tax Amount) - (Total Rollback Reduction) = Total Half-Year Tax Amount.
Example: $80.10 + $20.02 = $100.12
$800.97 - $100.12 = $700.85
Half Year Tax Amount: $700.85 Billed Semi-Annually

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